AT 9.30 AM



Ladies and Gentlemen,


1. It is a pleasure for me to be here today. 


2. Climate change, threatened biodiversity and depletion of fundamental resources will be the many challenges we anticipate coming up to the near future. Especially when our geographical borders start to rapidly diminish as we enter a new globalized world.


3. This simply means, our "business as usual” culture will not work. There is an urgent need for us to transition from our current resource intensive growth model to a resource efficient growth model.  


4. If we want to live well in the future, we have to do so within the limits of our planet. This is where the concept of resource efficiency comes into place. 


5. Efficient policies need to be formulated to promote energy efficiency while reducing resource consumption and waste. This responsibility can’t be shouldered by the government alone. The whole society needs to participate actively and take ownership to the role as responsible citizens. 


6. To mobilize this transformation, the cities need to embrace these concepts holistically. Because a city is where the government, business community and society at large partake collectively.


7. We need not just ordinary cities, but sustainable cities. Cities that are developed to last. Urban Cities where the people co-exists with an enriched environment while experiencing an enhanced quality of life. Cities that are built to last, that are intelligently designed to reduce the environmental impact. 


8. But how do we ensure we could create and manage sustainable cities? How do we make sustainability the state primary agenda?


Ladies and Gentleman

9. This is where Medini should provide leadership. Medini should be a model developer for sustainable and responsible lifestyle. I see potential in Medini distinguishing itself from other developers by pioneering a city that is built for sustainability. 


10. A lot of people care less about all this. Most people don’t even know what sustainability all about, because in business, money is all that matters. But I am very serious about building a future that lasts. That is why I am pleased and delighted to see Medini’s vast efforts in demonstrating the urgency of our agenda by placing priority of all these elements in their development masterplan. 


11. This matters a lot to me because Medini is uniquely positioned to be the Central Business District of Nusajaya. Medini is envisioned to become the premier growth location for local and multinational companies in this part of the region. 


12. Medini will be visible in the globalized world and it will become the catalyst we are looking for to propel the state into becoming a new economic powerhouse. 


13. It is our shared dream that people in modern countries would think of The Compass, Medini’s luxury development cluster first whenever they think about looking for luxurious destinations before thinking of Dubai.


14. It is our aspiration that people looking for lifestyle retail and business parks choose Medini’s “The Crescent” or “The Pulse” as the place to go to. Eclipsing big names such as Hong Kong or even New York.


15. It is also our dream that Medini’s Residential and Boutique Commercial Cluster, “The Park” becomes a big name and is much sought for as is other big names such as New Delhi.


16. I am confident this dream will come true. At the pace we are in now, especially with this auspicious launching of Medini 9, we are reaching another milestone in the districts masterplan. 


17. But above all these, I am especially delighted that while Medini has been focused on bringing in investments into this region and constantly reaches its aspiration in developing premium, top-notch residential and commercial centers, Medini has never lost sight on other important aspects of human health, work-life balance, environmental aspects and family values.


18. This is apparent in Medini’s Smart City Vision. I have mentioned earlier that in order to build a substantial future, we need to use less, but use properly. This statement touches on our essential nature as human beings, which is our culture of consumption. By far the most wide and far-reaching element of human traits. It is a multi-pronged approach to development.


19. The state government, Medini, as well as the society needs to all participate in making the vision a reality.


20. I have been made to understand this vision where elements of livability, connectivity, efficiency and lifestyle are comprehensively integrated into every aspect of the district. This includes in areas of economic growth, environmental consideration and community development. 


21. Some of it has already taking place. 


22. The implementation of solar compound LED lighting, occupancy sensors and other energy efficiency initiatives need to be further continued throughout the district


23. Environmental, pollution and waste management need to be managed and implemented properly together with a strong policy framework and enforcement.


24. World-Class Connectivity as well as infrastructure needs to be assembled and constructed. The concept of Big Data and Internet-Of-Things need to be embraced and has to be centric in the common lifestyle of the people.


25. Residential areas need to co-exist with nature such as. lush green parks, water bodies and meticulously landscaped spaces to allow residents, businesses and visitors to enjoy quality built environment that is not only sustainable, but to live the lifestyle they aspire. 


26. Quality of Life is fundamental in the creation of a sustainable life. That is why in this region, we encourage macroeconomics that is based on distributional equality, societal inclusivity, sustainable levels of throughput, and protecting natural resources. 


27. There is a multiplier effect that comes from a balanced and holistic development and we should take advantage and grow with it.


Ladies and gentlemen,


28. With these words, I would like thank MIMSB for their concerted effort and to the other developers in Medini for constantly being an inclusive part of the overall process in supporting the growth of Iskandar Malaysia.  


29. Before I end my speech, I would also like to thank all relevant government agencies and authorities for their constant support that has impacted directly or indirectly in enhancing the economic growth of Johor Darul Takzim.


30. With this, I now officiate the launch of the MEDINI 9 Office Space Development Project.


Thank You.