9 APRIL 2015






Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,


Good morning and Salam Muafakat Johor.



Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,


I am pleased to be part of Heraeus Materials Malaysia’s new plant expansion.


It gives me great pleasure to be here today amongst the business community in Johor to celebrate this propitious occasion.

Let me congratulate Heraeus Malaysia on the expansion of their business unit in Malaysia. 


It seems like it was only yesterday that Heraeus began operations in Johor (started operations in 2013). 


Within less than two years, Heraeus Malaysia has not only managed to establish a foot-hold in Malaysia, but has also embarked on an impressive expansion plan.


This demonstrates confidence in the positive growth and development of Johor as a preferred investment destination. 

(Contemporary Investments and Enhancement of Local Economy) 


Ladies and gentlemen,


When Heraeus began its operation in Johor, it brought along innovative technology in the production of precious and special metals business. 


The introduction of new advanced technologies is crucial in the development of our human capital sector. 


It is especially vital in converting our group of unskilled work force into skilled and specialized workers.

As we develop, we must enhance our workforces. 


As we improve our efficiency and effectiveness through advance production processes, we directly convalesce the workers’ skill and elevate the palpable value of our workforces. 


This is what skilling Johor is all about. 


At this modern age, we must not only aim to provide employment or create new employment opportunities for the Rakyat. 


Instead, we must strive for self-advancement. 


We should look at how we can improve their economy, by elevating them from the lower income bracket group to the higher income bracket group. 


This in turn will help spur our economic progress, which would benefit both the community and country.


Just look at Korea, Taiwan or Singapore. 


Their economy has grown in leaps and bounds as their government have placed great emphasize on the importance of technology transfer and technological development. 


But more importantly, their governments have been able to transforms their workforce. They are highly skilled, highly competent.  


Gone are the days when international companies would turn to those countries as the production base for their manufacturing facilities. 


Labour-intensive industries no longer exist in those economies as the quality of its workforces elevate from unskilled to skilled workers. 


Hence, this is what we must strive to attain in Johor. Skilling Johor is not a tall order. I believe that this wouldn’t be something impossible for us to achieve by year 2020.

(Johor the Preferred Investment Destination)

Ladies and gentlemen,


2015 will be another exciting year for the business community in Johor as we see the influx of new regional or international companies choosing our state as the base for their operations.


Johor received a total of RM21.2 billion of investments last year, an increase of 47% compared to a mere RM14.4 billion in 2013. 


This has placed Johor in the top spot as the most preferred investment destination in Malaysia. I am sure that this trend will continue to prosper, many years to come.  

The amount of investments we received, either through FDI (foreign direct investment) or from local companies, is more than double compared to our nearest ‘adversaries’ - Sarawak and Penang, which only managed to net approximately RM9.64 billion and RM8.2 billion worth of investments respectively. 


(Cheaper base and strategic location)

Ladies and gentlemen, 


Johor has a lot to offer today. It is strategically located. It has excellent logistical facilities. Johor has this comparative advantage in term of cost effectiveness and efficiency.   


Let me assure you that the state is working hard to improve the government delivery system and transparency in public services.


Beside all those, Johor is also cosmopolitan. It has excellent living environment. It is 20th most lovable city in Asia.


Johor also has that connectivity. It is located within a 4-hour flight time from major international cities, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta, Chennei, Manila or even Taipei. And those cities are home to approximately 30% of the world's population, that accounts for nearly 40% of our world's economic output. 


The cost savings that we offer meanwhile are tremendous, such as the abundance supply of affordable industrial land, factory premises, commercial floor space, and the virtuous combination of skilled workers and supporting services.


(Government’s commitment)

Ladies and gentlemen, 


Over the years, Johor’s economic structure has developed considerably, with supporting and complementary industries, existing side by side. 


The Johor state government has also placed great emphasise on the importance of supporting industries to complement the increasing number of investments in the state. 


The Johor State Investment Centre (JSIC), the Johor Skills and Knowledge Management Centre and the Johor Skills Development Centre are demonstration of our commitment in assiting investors to stimulate their investment to greater heights.  And improve the overall quality of the business environment in the state.  


JSIC, for example, is designed to provide guidelines and assistance for investors, as well as serve as a one-stop center for investors to set up their businesses. 


We have also developed an Investor Satisfaction Index, as an integrated part of an on-going improvement plan under the state’s Pelan Suara Hati Johor campaign. 


This index strives to accommodate the needs of investors and businesses alike, as well as to provide them with a business-friendly environment, in every possible aspect. All these, are manifestations of the State commitment in making Johor a vibrant economy. 

A commitment in transforming Johor into a new economic powerhouse for Malaysia. 



Ladies and Gentlemen,


I would like to take this opportunity once again to congratulate Heraeus Materials Malaysia on the opening of their new manufacturing plant. Judging from its future plan, I am confident that Heraeus will be able to meet the demands of its customers within this region and Malaysia.


With this, and with Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim, I hereby officially launch this event.


Thank you.