AT 12.00 P.M.



Yang Berbahagia Dato’Jimmy Chew,

Executive Chairman and Group Managing Director of Pantech Group Holdings Berhad,


Board and Management of Pantech Group Holdings Berhad,


Honoured Guests,


Members of the Media,


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Salam 1Malaysia and Salam Muafakat Johor.


1. First of all let us show our gratitude to Allah for his blessings that we are able to be gathered here today at the Pantech Group Holdings Berhad premises here at Pasir Gudang Industrial Park. 


2. I am deeply honoured to be here to share this momentous day with you. Allow me to personally thank Pantech Group for inviting and giving me the opportunity to say a few words and officiate the opening of this brand new head office. At this point, I would also like to congratulate Pantech Group on its success in developing the business of servicing the oil and gas industry in Malaysia, particularly in Johor and in the International markets. 


3. I am aware of the developments surrounding the Pantech Group’s contribution to the economic growth of Johor. It is not every day that I am invited to celebrate such a milestone of a Johor-based company. As proud as I am, I am also confident that the new corporate office will give an extra edge to this homegrown success as it continues to contribute towards developing our Johor economy.


Ladies and gentlemen,

(The Malaysia's Economy)


4. As you are aware, Malaysia's economy has been expanding at a rate of 6.4% in the second quarter of 2014, compared to 6.2% in first quarter, as reported by Bank Negara on 16 August 2014. This expansion is a result of the economy which has benefited from the earlier reforms and initiatives introduced by the government, which has provided a conducive environment for businesses to flourish.


5. While the economy will continue to benefit from the gradual global recovery, the private sector-led domestic demand remains the key driver of growth. 


6. The economic development pattern for Johor is expected to remain strong.  As of May 2014, the total investment projects approved in the manufacturing sector has reached RM14.9 billion (USD4.6 million) with an estimated jobs created of more than 3,000 so far. Of this total, RM10.8 billion (USD3.4 billion) or 72.65% is investment projects approved by MIDA came from Domestic Direct Investment (DDI). This is an impressive performance compared to 2013 where Johor has received a total investment worth RM14.2 billion (USD4.5 billion) for the whole of 2013.


7. This impressive performance is the culmination of a very strong and committed developments in infrastructure and logistics. These elements coupled with the strategic location of  Iskandar Malaysia, has attracted both local and foreign companies to set-up facilities in the state. 


8. The State Government has always been very involved in providing a conducive business atmosphere. As an example, the state owned Johor Corporation (JCorp), has been the catalyst in attracting and creating business opportunities to Johor when it embarked on its venture to be the key industrial developer some 30 years ago.  Being a pioneer, JCorp through TPM Technopark Sdn Bhd, has developed 32 industrial estates and parks in Johor, so far.


Ladies and Gentlemen

(Pelan Suara Hati Johor, Harmonious Working Conditions)


9. The successful development of businesses is without meaning if the Rakyat of Johor does not benefit from them. We must be mindful that the developments and growth we are experiencing today must be shared equitably amongst all. We do not want to sideline the very people that we intend to serve. That is also the gist of our “Pelan Suara Hati Johor”, that looks into the well being of the Rakyat through improving living standards, affordable home-ownership, security and well being of the people, affordable healthcare, spiritual enlightenment, increasing the economic well being and lastly providing world class infrastructure and public amenities. 


10. The Government of Johor stand guided by the Pelan Suara Hati Johor. Through this plan, our mission is having a pro-Rakyat Government with the objectives of addressing the needs that are immediately relevant to the Rakyat, having an all inclusive development and wealth distribution while at the same time being business friendly. 


11. This is very relevant to the private sector as well as we want to encourage a harmonious relationship between the employers and employees. Employers must be aware of the grievances among workers, be sensitive to living conditions, provide adequate compensation plans, encourage fair working conditions and provide adequate medical facilities. We are minded of the recent riots involving a factory in the State recently and how this can affect the harmony of the relationship between the workers and the employers. This will not only tarnish the working conditions but will also affect the image and branding of the organization, be it at State and national levels.


12. With these objectives in mind, we foresee that the Pelan Suara Hati Johor is very relevant to the requirements of the any organization and the Rakyat. It encourages a balance approach to growth and development and  we are confident that  by implementing the Plan, the State’s economy will continue to flourish way into the foreseeable future.


Ladies and Gentlemen

(Johor Next Phase of Strategic Growth)


13. Given the success that we have so far achieved, the State Government is moving Johor’s business environment to the next phase by having a much more vibrant and competitive business ecosystem. Johor is already strategically located with an advantage of having access to both domestic and international markets. Our aim is to grow this market is by having a pool of talented and skilled workforce, logistically well connected highways and ports, a world class infrastructure and amenities and having a focus in the development of Advanced Technology and Infrastructure. 


14. Our industrial parks are already filling up with with notable Global Companies in various sectors as a result of the availability of these facilities. Three theme parks are located within the Nusajaya zone including, Legoland Malaysia, Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park that include Hello Kitty Town (a first outside Japan), Little Big Club & Lat's Place. At the same time, to cater for the talent pool, several Universities have also been setting up its base within the Iskandar Malaysia enclave.


Ladies and Gentlemen 

(Govt Working Partnerships with all Stakeholders, Pro-Business)


15. One of our key strengths in being able to attract businesses to Johor is our ability to form strong working partnerships with all stakeholders. This is in line with our aim to develop supporting institutions and a pro-business government policy. For example, the Johor state government administration has developed a good and close working relationship with Investment Promotion Agencies and NGOs  in a bid to channel investment into Johor and to address the issues and problems affecting our current investors. This working partnership also seeks to ensure that Johor remains firmly as one of Malaysia’s top investment destination.


16. In line with developing the pro-business policies, we have overseen improvements in facilitating investment activities into the State. The authorities such as Johor State Investment Centre (JSIC), MIDA and Iskandar Region Development Authority (IRDA) are playing a significant role in facilitating and promoting investments in Johor. In October last year, the state government has also established the Johor Investment Committee (JIC) that serves as a platform for the state agencies to reduce “red tapes” in facilitating investments into Johor especially for issues and challenges faced by the investors.


17. All of these are the State Government's effort to strategically positioning Johor become a high-income state, a preferred destination for investment and quality of life, embracing both progress and tradition.


18. As result of these efforts, the state government of Johor has emerged as Malaysia’s fastest growing state in the country supported by foreign and local direct investments. All of these are in line with the Johor Investment Vision, as highlighted in Johor Budget 2014 namely “Attracting quality Investments based on advanced technology and innovation”. 


Ladies and gentlemen,

(About the Pantech Group) 


19. I am pleased that Pantech Group has invested in Pasir Gudang, a location which is part of the Iskandar Malaysia development master plan. As Flagship D – the Eastern Gate Development, we envision it will continue to build its reputation as a major industrial hub. With over 300 factories, more than 300,000 employment opportunities and an exporter of goods, I believe Pasir Gudang is setting a good case study for investors and our state government alike.


20. Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate has the largest concentration of palm oil refining industries and downstream activities in the world.  Pasir Gudang also has the world's largest edible oil tankage facility, catering for the throughput from the companies operating within the hinterland of Pasir Gudang. With two seaports located here, Pasir Gudang is the ideal hub for heavy industries and logistics, electrical and electronics (E&E), chemical, oleochemical, food and engineering-based industries.


21. We are confident that as we focus on developing the oil and gas sector in Johor, Pasir Gudang will again be a key destination for this sector. Pantech Group which I understand is serving mainly the oil and gas sector have already had the foresight to locate their new corporate head office here. In fact, the Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex (PIPC) is located just down the road from Pasir Gudang. 


22. For the last year, MIDA has revealed that there is about RM2.5 billion (USD781 million) or 17.42% of total investment in Johor come from Petroleum Products, whereas RM701 million (USD218 million) or 4.86% was from producing Machinery & Equipment industry.  It shows that the above figures are significant to Pantech Group business capability to contribute for Johor economy.


23. We will continue to put in place the necessary infrastructure and incentives that will allow the public and private sector including their business partners, associates and customers to grow their businesses locally, regionally and globally. 


24. Being the state assembly man for Permas of which Pasir Gudang is part of its constituency, I am extremely pleased with the developments here and glad that my constituency is attracting investments and experiencing robust growth.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

(Congratulatory note) 


25. Pantech Group, a Johor-based home-grown local company gone global has made us extremely proud. It has acquired foreign company, in UK to be exact, and strengthened its business beyond Malaysian and Asian shores. But I was informed Malaysia and Johor remained their biggest base. As a fellow Johorean, I trust Pantech Group will continue to expand  their business and placing their largest investment back in Johor.


26. On this note, I would like to congratulate the Management of Pantech Group and it is my pleasure to declare the new Pantech Group Holdings Berhad Corporate Head Office open.


Thank you.