AT 12.00 P.M.


Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh  and a very good afternoon 


Yang Berhormat Dato’ Kamaruzzaman Abu Kassim

President & Chief Executive of Johor Corporation


Chairman of KPJ Healthcare Berhad


Tn Hj Amiruddin Abdul Satar

President & Managing Director of KPJ 


Dr Yoong Fook Ngian,

Chairman of the Organizing Committee


Chairman of KPJ Medical Advisory Committee 


Honoured guests, Members of the Management 


Participants and Speakers  


Members of the Media,


Ladies & Gentlemen,


1. First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the KPJ Healthcare Berhad for inviting me to deliver the Keynote Speech at the 12th  Healthcare Conference 2013 with the theme Transforming Healthcare – Reaching New Heights. I am delighted to see public and private healthcare providers join together to discuss the ever changing healthcare scenario and its impact on the Malaysian healthcare industry. To distinguished visitors from overseas, welcome.  It is exciting to have you all in one place to share your wisdom and expertise.  If you grasp this opportunity, I’m sure you will have the potential to make a big impact on health outcomes.


2. As Malaysia’s leading provider of private healthcare services, KPJ has taken the initiative to hold major Medical Conferences and Workshops annually.  Indeed, KPJ’s efforts have showcased the Group’s capabilities and innovativeness to think out of the box.  They are not only keen to provide the best for consumers in the country – they are also inviting other players (both from the public and the private sectors) from the domestic and international fronts to come together and exchange knowledge and information. 


3. To me, this is the true act of leadership – where you strive to bring competitive advantage to yourself and your team, while simultaneously raising the level of knowledge and expertise within the overall community. This ultimately increases the value of our national healthcare services in the eyes of the world as a whole – placing Malaysia at the forefront of the Asian healthcare market.

Ladies and Gentlemen,


4. As we continue to improve our healthcare facilities and services, attention will increasingly be drawn to the need to strengthen the commitment of healthcare services especially in delivering safer patient care. What this translates to generally is the need for the Malaysian healthcare sector to rapidly bring our standards up to par with international expectations, benchmark and evaluation levels.  


5. Therefore, healthcare service providers need to regularly reinvent themselves not just in the form of engaging with latest medical innovation and technology but at the same time creating opportunities for doctors and nurses to work without unnecessary barriers to stay relevant in dynamic healthcare marketplace. More importantly the role of these professionals is to become the catalyst for improvement, while ensuring the needs and quality of care of patients remain the primary consideration. 


6. Furthermore, achieving quality in health services is a core issue by which clients will be measuring the effectiveness of the health sector. However on another account, it also reflects how well the quality of healthcare services is closely available for all people. Thus, it is imperative that when we talk about quality healthcare services, it must not only be made available for certain group of people but to all citizens including the poor and the unfortunate ones.  Perhaps, a continuous improvement on healthcare quality should emphasize more on social responsibility rather than merely on financial resources. 


Ladies and Gentlemen,


7. I presume that all of you here today know that KPJ has its Johorean roots. Just to shed some light, Johor Corporation (JCorp) as the ultimate holding company has always placed strong emphasis on supporting KPJ’s development from strength to strength ever since the first hospital was opened and made public in May 1981.  Now with 23 hospitals in Malaysia and with more hospitals to be opened in the next several years local and abroad,  KPJ has never lost its Johorean  roots to help the state healthcare industry. 


8. For your information, one of the six KPJ Hospitals listed on the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) is in Johor, namely the development of the Specialist Hospital in Bandar Dato’ Onn, which is located in the heart of the Iskandar township. At this point, it is very pertinent for us to understand that Iskandar Malaysia plays a crucial role in supporting health tourism especially with its integrated township and strategic location in catering to all needs of Johor’s growing health tourism market. 


9.   Apart from the above mentioned, looking into the foreseeable future, I am very much delighted to say that the KPJ Group is continuing to bring in new projects into the state of Johor, in addition to the diverse range of investments made in other parts of Malaysia.  Recently, KPJ entered into a joint-venture agreement with UTM Holdings to develop and operate a private hospital on a piece of leasehold land in Kulaijaya, Johor.  The land will be leased from UTM for a period of 30 years with an option for a further lease of 30 years.  The proposed JV brings mutual benefit where KPJ is able to expand its network in the state of Johor and UTM would be leveraging its advantages in clinical healthcare education. I am confident that this will further strengthen Johor’s standing as a world-class education hub in the region.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


10. Johor is a very investor-friendly destination, for both domestic and international ventures. With its many high potential areas for industrialisation, agriculture, education and human capital, the state is able to provide high returns on investments.  


11. One of the main sectors which generates the highest yields  however has been healthcare. The sector provides very good investment opportunities, especially in view of the potential brought about by health tourism.  The health tourism industry in Johor is excellently supported by the state’s growing infrastructure.  Its prospects are exceptionally good in tandem with the development of Iskandar Malaysia into a metropolis of international stature.


12. Above all, investors on healthcare providers should leverage all the advantages on offer such as the government’s support, political stability, accessible travel, innovative and pioneering form of treatment as well as pristine tourist destination. I am confident that Johor can remain vibrant and dynamic, provided we work together to achieve our goals.  


Ladies and gentlemen,


13. It is for a fact that Conference organisers can truly take pride in its efforts, knowing that the KPJ Group has brought much difference to the healthcare industry, at home and abroad.


14. Before I end my speech, I would like to thank all of you for making time to participate in this important conference. I wish the audience fruitful deliberations and exchanges in the coming days and I am looking forward to  the outcome of this conference and wish you all the best. 




Thank you